What if the World Ends

There was supposedly a star convergence that happened on September 23 which hasn’t happened since the birth of Christ 2000 some odd years ago. There were star parties going on in Central Florida, maybe in your city too. Some people thought the end of the world could occur as well. The end of the world has been played up in movies and novels too often to count. Well, the world didn’t end like some thought it might. But what if it does?

What are you going to do?

Ben Rector has an upbeat song about the topic called “Like the World is Going to End” with some great lyrics:

If we found out that the world
was gonna end on Tuesday morning
What would everybody do
It’s funny how the thought of that
can make something real important
And a lot of things pretty worthless too

So what would be real important to you?

What would all of a sudden become glaringly worthless to you?

How clean we keep our house would shoot to the bottom of the priority list. How organized the garage and utility room and junk drawer would be down there too. The cleanliness of my car, my desk, my yard, my clothes, my personal facades would take a dive. How things look would pale in importance.

I would be making all sorts of calls. I’d want to tell people they mattered to me. If there were people who offended me or I did the same, I’d want to set those things straight. Love and appreciation would become my priority.

I’d want to do some things I’d been afraid to do. Maybe skydive, or at least fly in a wind tube. Ride my bike down the steepest hill I can find in Florida. (Maybe I should consider something more reasonable right?) I’d try Rocky Mountain oysters, or some other crazy food. Ok, maybe not the oysters.

Perhaps a change in attitude would be in order. Less fear, more boldness. Less inhibition, more free-wheeling. More spoken, less hidden. More gratitude, less gripe-atude. More kindness, less judgmental. Less regrets, More joy! More living out loud, less living small-minded. I’d want to go big. Big love! Big smile! Big kindness! Big thankfulness!

If the world does end, will I have even done anything different today? I hope I love my wife and kids well. That I don’t get into a huff about the ponds my son makes on the floor saying they are ice rinks. I’d try let the small stuff roll off my back. I hope I tell people I love them, and tell them why I appreciate them. I may not be able to do massively different things, but I can do significantly different things.

I love what Mr. Rector says he is going to do:

But I’d be dancin’ like a fool
I’d be laughin’, I’d be cryin’
Callin’ everybody I’d ever hurt and reconcilin’
I’d call everyone I loved
Say what I was scared to say till then
Now that I think about it
Maybe I should always live like the world is gonna end

And I’d speak love to everybody
Who came close enough to listen
And if someone done me wrong
I’d call and tell em’ I forgot

We spend most our lives
And almost all our time
On what we don’t care about
What we could do without

I appreciate how he steps back and evaluates all of life. Mr Rector is not afraid to call out what is worthless and elevating what is important. Relationships take precedent, not things or position or pride. The challenge is out there: what do you spend time on that you don’t really care about or could do without? Could you be as recklessly evaluative with your life?

Who can you call and tell you love? Who can you forgive that you have been holding a grudge against? What have you been scared to say to someone? Who can you help? Have you been stingy with your time? Can you give your time or money to things that help people? Do you make a big deal out of some things that aren’t really all that significant?

What would your life look like if you knew the world was going to end? Would you choose to live that way everyday even if the world doesn’t end for another week, month, or years? Wouldn’t life be better when we invest in things that matter all the time, not just once in a while.

Man, that’s it, I’m going home to love on my kids and wife. This cubicle just isn’t that important. I’m gonna call some people on the drive home. I’m going to live like the world is going to end…because some day it will. Let’s live life out loud, spreading love and smiles. Who is with me?

Photo by Mick Haupt, The Grand Tetons at sunset. shot on slide film, 2005.

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