Forgetting I Am Thirsty

A departure from my usual posts, this is a sort of stream of consciousness pondering of a sentence in the Book of Isaiah that caught my attention.¹

“Come, all you who are thirsty…”

Am I thirsty? Yes!

Why? From mowing the lawn, from running ragged and angry trying to get to work on time, from entertaining friends all weekend, from watching my boys for three full days, from going fast and not slowing down, from forgetting to take Sabbath, from forgetting that peace is a choice to slow down.

Do I want to drink? Yes!

Because I am thirsty, because I am harried, because I want to taste the goodness of slowing down and having some moments of peace, because I am missing something, because I want more of Father’s presence…His peace.

If I stop to drink, what will I need to do?

I need to slow down. I need to pause and increase my awareness of the Spirit and what He speaks. I need to stop the busy. But how? I have so much to try and accomplish. So much to do. There is still a choice as to where to draw water and strength.

“Come to the waters…” What waters?

His waters — living, reviving waters.

Jeremiah speaks of springs of living waters.²

Ezekiel speaks of waters from the sanctuary flowing to satisfy the fruit trees.³

These are the waters that satisfy, the water of fulness, the water of reflection, the waters of peace, springs of living water, moments of tranquility. Oh, for those waters. Yes, I want to come to those waters.

Why would I NOT come to these waters?

I think other things are more important. I forget the waters are there. I forget the power the waters possess. I forget the peace I have received there. I am too busy to even pause. I just walk by. I forget what I really want…to be satisfied, to feel revived, to find strength, to be strengthened in order to live life well, to rest with Father’s peace. Oh, I want those, why is it so easy to forget?

Why would I choose busyness over satisfying peace?

There is this sense of significance that comes from busyness, a satisfaction of completion (which is funny because there never is satisfying completion in life). I think that busyness is important and I can be acknowledged. But there always remains a pursuit, a longing for peace and rest no matter how busy I am or how much I accomplish. I always feel like more needs to be done. But there is never a longing to accomplish more when I have stilled myself in a place of peace and rest. There is a sadness at leaving. I don’t know why I would choose busyness.


I want to choose the waters…willingly…for my own good…even if other things need to be pushed aside for a little while…for my own good. You offer satisfaction. You say we labor on what does not satisfy. You invite me to come. To listen. That I may live. I can partake of the richest of fare. What an invitation!

“Come, all you who are thirsty, come to the waters…”

This would probably be most accurately called a meditation. Thinking through the implications of the words and how they affect me, invite me to live, and invite me to feel.

¹  Isaiah 55:1-3
²  Jeremiah 2:13
³  Ezekiel 47:12

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