Standing Alone

Holy Week Pondering: Tuesday

I rushed down to the pier area of San Clemente because the sky looked brilliant. There is only a small window of time between when the clouds turn orange, then red, then purple, then die and turn grey. I arrived just as the oranges started. With digital cameras you can change the ISO on the fly and hand-hold and still get a clear image. But with film, you had one speed of film in the body (I exclusively used 100 ISO), and needed a tripod if you wanted a clear image. This is a day I was glad I had my tripod. It was the perfect mix of all the colors of dusk. A photographers dream sunset.


The palm stands alone starkly in contrast to the brilliant background. A silhouette. A Sentinel. Alone, but not really.

During Holy Week events in Jesus day, Tuesday was a day of verbal clashes. The religious leaders tried to entrap Jesus so they could arrest Him. On four subjects they tried to catch Him saying something just “off” enough to bring Him down. The leaders questioned His authority, then asked whether they should pay taxes, whether there would be marriage in the afterlife, and what is the greatest commandment. Jesus answers to each subject amazed the crowd and silenced the critics.

At the end of the verbal sparring, in Matthew 22:46, it says, “No one dared to ask Him any more questions.” Jesus also spoke a couple of stories where the interpretation isn’t exactly obvious, but the tone harped on the hypocrisy of the religious leaders. They were torqued by all this verbal affront.

This is the beauty of this particular day, and the character of Jesus. He knew the religious leaders were trying to trick Him. They knew Jesus was speaking against them. He was smack in the middle of a crowd hanging on His every word and likely astonished at the things He said. The leaders were afraid of the crowd because they respected the teaching of the “rabbi” from Galilee. They respected it enough to be silenced by it.

It was a riot ripe for explosion. And in the thick all of it, Jesus stuck to His guns—and His principles—and spoke truth, confronting as it was. He stood alone, starkly in contrast to the religious jargon and belief that the religious leaders were spinning.

A palm tree does that—it stands firm in spite of wind and weather. It may bend and bow, but rarely breaks. This is a strength of the date and coconut palm: flexes but remains.

We can admire that about Jesus. He shows His stout constitution yet also shows compassion and kindness. You never expect to see both sides in one person. But He displays this consistent character. It’s also something we can aspire to: being resolute but also gentle and kind.

So henceforth, I shall be naming Tuesday of Passion Week “Confrontation Tuesday.” The day when Jesus stood alone against the tide of religious hypocrisy.

Wandering (and wondering) on purpose!

Photo by Mick Haupt | Shot on slide film, Canon A2E | San Clemente, California


3 thoughts on “Standing Alone

  1. Thanks so for sharing this beautiful devotional thought and incredible photo Mick! Mary is out of town but ill share this with her soon. So wonderful! Jim ps im retired now and my apu email still works in addition to a new email here.


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