In Celebration of Palms

Celebration of Palms, Day 1 of 8. Palm Sunday.

I moved from California 10 years ago. I lived in California for 36 years. I loved California, still do. But it’s not my home any more. Every time I visit San Clemente, where I lived for eight years, I relive the anguish of choosing to leave. Why did I leave? “It is so beautiful here,” I always say when in town. But sometimes the Father just moves you on. And I’m convinced of the Father’s goodness for me even when I had to leave a place that still resounds in my heart as a piece of paradise. This framed image has been the only San Clemente photo that has been on my wall since I left. It is sort of iconic to me. The palms, the blue, blue sky, the semblance of dying clouds. This image reminds me of peace. I have so many images of palms from my years there. I can’t possibly show all of them or you will be bored to tears. But I do want to explore the thoughts palms evoke in me and history over the course of this week. It is called Passion Week, the week of Christ’s suffering. But today we celebrate Palm Sunday, the day Christ entered Jerusalem with much fanfare and people laying down palm branches in front of Him. The palm is a symbol of victory, signaling an end to conflict. It is also a sign of peace, and endurance, and paradise. I’d love to explore all those ideas interspersed with my own ponderings. I hope you will join me for this weeks Celebration of Palms.

Shot on slide film, Canon A2, ©2001 | San Clemente, CA | photo by Mick Haupt



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