Am I Worth Fighting For?

Everyone dreams of their 16th birthday for one BIG reason…getting a drivers license. I was no different. My appointment was 2 days after my birthday. I was ready. My dad taught me to drive on a 1971 VW bus. If you could learn to drive stick on that vehicle, you could drive anything. I was ready for that drivers test.

I headed into the DMV building confident. 10 minutes later I walked out of the DMV shattered and in tears. Absolutely crushed. Crying like a 5-year-old. I did not know I needed to bring a birth certificate and was told I could not take the drivers test. They gave me an appointment for TWO MONTHS later. Two months? That was eternity. Thus the deluge of tears.

Out in the parking lot my mom waited, and upon seeing me walk back sobbing couldn’t help but wonder why. When I told her the situation, she tore into that building hell-bent on rectifying an obvious wrong. Part of me didn’t want her to make a scene. And all of me was glad I wasn’t in that building. She went in and went to battle. Hell hath no fury like a mom protecting her child. My mom came out 10 minutes later and said my appointment is in two weeks. Such relief. So amazed. How did she do it? I don’t know what she said…and that’s probably good. But I know the beauty of being fought for. My mom went to battle for me.

It’s a question everyone wonders about: Am I worth fighting for? A soul wrestling question when answered could change how you look at life. The bigger question is: do I matter so much to someone that they would go to battle for me? A “Yes!” answer lifts your spirits immediately.

An interesting sentence in the Old Testament says, “because the Lord your God fights for you, just as he promised.” (Joshua 29:10) It speaks of God fighting for His people Israel and how much he valued them. Later Jesus told a parable about a shepherd leaving 99 sheep in order to find just one lost one. Truly, what speaks loudly about our value is the extent of difficulty in rescuing the one in peril. God spared no expense in rescuing His people then, and NOW. The crimson thread of the Bible is God’s rescue mission to recover His lost loved ones. He loves so much that He goes to battle for you. He values you so much that He spares no inconvenience in rescuing you from danger and death. That was the point of Jesus’ death. It was the price of rescue.

If you wonder if you are worth fighting for, the answer is Yes! On a human level, there are people who love you and will battle through every inconvenience to help you. We need that affirmation to face life. But even more so, on a heavenly level, the God of the universe cares so infinitely about you that he went to battle for you. If you can soak that in, I promise you that can change your life. You are worth fighting for.


I love this photo of my niece who was fully ready to go to battle for something.



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