Reversing Entropy

We’ve all heard that things go from order to chaos right? I don’t know which of the laws of thermodynamics it is, but entropy is the name. We are all kind of like that. When we don’t pay attention to to stimulus in our lives, when we don’t heed the conviction of conscience, and when we disregard telltale signs of disharmony, our life moves toward chaos.

It is only when we observe our lives, ask questions, ask for feedback from friends, and take intentional steps to make changes that our “house” improves. Take some time to pay attention to your house, take some steps to make changes and improvements, so your house won’t end up like the one photographed. No attention ultimately means it gets torn down. But we each have the choice to make improvements. You just need to be brave and courageous.

I don’t think the most courageous people in the world are ones who have challenged physical limits. I think the truly courageous are the ones who make steps each day to fight passivity, take ownership of shortcomings, rectify wrongs committed, and improve how they interact with people. I’m not talking about having a perfect house, just fighting the tide of entropy in life. We are all broken and imperfect.

Ultimately we can’t fix our house on our own, we need a master builder who knows the master plan. I think God is that master builder and trust He can make our house better when we let Him do His handiwork. We all love those houses with quirky little things that make it unique and cozy. Our brokenness and how God fixes them are the quirky beautiful things that make us as attractive as anything on This Old House.

What about you?
Are there things you are not paying attention to in life?
What brave step may you need to take?
Is there some relationship you can take a step to repair?

Shot on film, Canon A2, cross-processed slide film. Virginia countryside. 2003

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