I Can See Everything From Here

The thing I remember most from this day was how quickly my lenses fogged up from the humidity. I don’t even remember climbing El Castillo, the tallest structure at Chichen Itza. But I have proof that I did in this photo. It is funny what sticks in our mind. It’s funny what we cling to in our thoughts and beliefs.

Just inside the doorway from on top of El Castillo at Chichen Itza World Historical Site.

Looking out all you can see is the canopy of green. Maybe a few clearings. You could think “I can see everything from here.” I live in Orlando. For our anniversary a couple of years ago I took my wife up in a tethered balloon ride at Downtown Disney. 400 feet in the air and 25 bucks each, and I think I had the same view as at Chichen Itza. Florida is incredibly flat, punctuated by a few roller coasters, Space Mountain and downtown. I had the same thought, “I can see everything from here.”

It’s sort of same feeling I get when I say to myself, “I won’t be convinced of anything other than what I already know.” I wonder at my own teachability at times. As a photographer, I know there are lots of ways I can grow and develop in my techniques and become a better image capturer. As a husband, my wife can easily remind me I have room to improve. But when it comes to relationships, political hotspots, moral issues, and thoughts on God, I can be downright stubborn.

I know it’s good to have convictions. They are an anchor and a compass for living wisely. But I don’t want to ever stand my ground so vigorously that I can’t listen to others thoughts and give them credence. Having a wanderer’s heart of curiosity and inquisitiveness can help in many areas of relationship. Asking questions with curiosity and compassion has been a learned skill, and I think a good one to help me be more of a learner.

Being teachableĀ is such a beautiful character quality. It helps us live out the fact that we don’t know everything. When we think we can’t be convinced it is akin to saying we know everything. Isn’t it better to have a curious and teachable personality than prickly and stubborn one? Strive to be a learner in these days when so many are easily offended and opinions fly. Having a learning posture can set you apart from the crowd.

How can I maintain more of a teachable attitude?
Instead of jumping to give opinions, can you try to ask questions with curiosity first.

Wandering on purpose…


One thought on “I Can See Everything From Here

  1. Learning really does start with being teachable! You nailed it on the head! When I think I already know it all (Pride), then what it there to learn? Humility makes me curious and hungry to learn.


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