Spontaneous Acts of Kindness

Its the little things in life. Who doesn’t remember when someone did some spontaneous random act of service, or gave an unexpected gift…and how much it meant to you. These are teddy bear on a drying line after being washed in Colon, Panama. I can only think they were dirty as anything with cement slab floors and dirt everywhere in homes there. But mom or grandma thought enough to wash them so the kids can play with a clean toy.

Doing something nice for someone has lasting effects for both parties. The giver gets to see a smile and enjoy the delight of the receiver. The one receiving the gift or act of kindness feels loved, cared for, even relieved. It is an amazing moment, for both. Think about the people in your life and consider what might be an encouragement. Is someone hurting? Take them to lunch or send flowers. Is someone overwhelmed? Ask to take their kids to the movies, or give a gift certificate for a pedicure. Or look on their Amazon wishlist, find something they would love and buy it…for no reason whatsoever. It’s so fun to do something spontaneously kind for someone. It will make your day as well as theirs. Take some time to spontaneously bless someone today.

I wanted to share something light today as I have written long posts the last couple of times about taking risks and what is really important in life. I’ll continue my posts about what is really important next week. I try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Friday. So follow my blog if you wish and never miss a post.

“Bears on a Line” by Mick Haupt, shot on film, Canon A2

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