The Day I Regret NOT Wearing Pants

There was a period where I was traveling as a photographer and crashing at my friend’s flat in London so often that they named the room after me. So one of my biggest regrets stems from the day I chose NOT to wear pants, and because I assumed “Oh, I’ll be back sometime soon.” Well, I haven’t been to Rome since that day in 1999. Don’t worry, I was wearing shorts…the typical American. My friends and I had an adventure trying to make it to the Vatican, all because the Italians can’t seem to locate the Vatican unless you pronounce it Vaticano. St. Peter’s Square wasn’t as packed as the week before when the Pope spoke, but there was still a lively crowd. I knew before we headed out that if you wanted to go inside of St. Peter’s Cathedral and the Sistine Chapel that you needed to wear long pants. I chose comfort over functionality on that day, and have regretted it ever since. I did not go into the Sistine Chapel. And even though a friend noticed there were backpacker men who borrowed skirts from backpacker women in order to sideswipe the standard, I still chose to not stray from comfort. Something as silly as not wanting to sweat because wearing pants is hotter than shorts kept me from seeing one of the greatest monuments in the world. A lesson from this–choosing an impractical function in order to experience something great cannot be overlooked. Sometimes the greatest experiences only happen when we choose something at the expense of comfort. We DO the thing that is hard, we CHOOSE the road less traveled, we HOLD ON when it certainly seems like giving up is the best option. You may not always know what you will miss when you choose ease over difficulty, but I hope it won’t be missing a Sistine Chapel in your life.


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