Postcards from the Edge

Ever since I started listening to a Celtic band called Iona I’ve been fascinated with the name. Traveling around Scotland with friends we actually discovered you could take a ferry to Iona. Sign me up. A lot of my intrigue comes from Iona songs about the spiritual nature of the island. There is an amazing Abbey there, with a high cross, and a long tradition of Christian monasticism. Legend has it that The Book of Kells, one of the most famous Illuminated Gospels (a bible painted with lively colors to help tell the story), was begun on the island. It’s a small place…the island is only 4 sq. miles, and only 175 or so full time residents. And the only town on the island is simply called “the village.” Perhaps one of the most picturesque post offices in the world lies yards away from the beach. Brightly colored, on a rare sunny day…a splendid gift. I’ll get to some of the other images of the spiritual history, but this image is the stand out one from my afternoon on Iona.

Shot on film using Canon A2 in 2002.


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