Wandering 40 Days? What’s behind the name?

I love exploring, finding the unexpected, and going in the doors that say “Do not enter.” I can’t help myself. It is the curious side of my personality that has an irrational and insatiable need to know what’s over there. Yes, I’m the guy who actually would look in drawers in your house just to see what’s in there. But I won’t tell anyone, and I may take a photo. Photography is another passion. I love to find irony, a diamond in the rough, a moment of surprise, and something anyone else may just walk by. And I try to capture those moments.

Over 20 years, it has been a wonderful delight to have traveled to almost 40 countries. I’ve wandered a lot, many times by myself. For an extrovert that loves being around people, this solitary wandering is sort of ironic in itself. But I find that when I am wandering and looking for anything I find this freedom to be by myself that is life-giving. I feel alive. I feel inspired. And it’s easier to explain just one person behind the “authorized personnel” door than several. In my wandering I’ve noticed themes of items that catch my eye…boats, doors, stairs, locks. You know the usual stuff of photographers. I’ve wanted to share these images for a long time, but they have mostly hung out by themselves on my bookshelf. And I hope that some of them will bring you surprise, delight, or some semi-deep thought that could be a breath of fresh air in the middle of a busy life.

40 Days? There is deep significance to 40 days that I hope to explore in some of my posts. But in a simple way, I don’t want to bore anyone with more than 40 days of fruit still life images. I think it is a good length to explore a theme.  So I hope you will follow along with a wandering soul, and if one theme isn’t as inspiring, I hope you can enjoy the next. But I hope I can inspire you to always keep a look out for the surprising and delightful in the world that is flying by us too quickly.

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